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How to Steer Clear of Saturated Fat in Your Diet

March 27, 2015 5:02 pm

Saturated fats are some of the main things that you should watch out for when you’re trying to lose weight or improve your health, but unfortunately they’re very common in many of the foods on the market today. If you want to cut saturated fats from your diet, these three foods are some of the main ones to avoid.

  1. Butters and margarines. This is a tricky subject, because butter and margarine have both positive and negative qualities. When choosing a spread, first compare both the trans fats and the saturated fat contents of each product. Whichever one has the lowest number of trans and saturated fats is the healthier option.
  2. High-fat meats. Meats like steak, ground beef, pork, and sausage with visible, marbled fats are always very high in saturated fats. Dark meat poultry and poultry with skin on it also contains much more saturated fats than other types. Choose leaner cuts of meat, chicken, or fish instead, or you can substitute ground beef or sausage with ground turkey.
  3. Dried coconut. While coconut is a common topping on many cakes, cookies, and candy bars, it contains about 57 grams of potentially harmful saturated fats per serving. This is an alarming 286% of your recommended daily intake, so be sure to limit the amount of dried coconut that you consume.

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